Roy Carter Oboe Reeds

Some feedback for my reeds:

‘The sound was (not being big headed) sublime.  It is the first time I have not had to adjust a reed I am soooooo delighted thank you… These are so amazing thank you. It is so nice to be able to get a reed that can be relied upon.’  RR

‘Incontrovertibly great… I am so happy!’  JW

‘Excellent reeds, the best I've ever bought.’ – AW

‘I suddenly begin enjoying every note, the first time ever, and can hope the audience do too… they (amazingly) seem ready to play, with excellent intonation, the moment they arrive, Thanks, Roy!’ – NM

‘These reeds considerably enhance the enjoyment of playing the oboe.’ – AB

‘Lovely reeds… absolutely perfect, can get high notes, low notes and sound great and speak easily.’  NP

‘Finally, a student oboe reed that's not only consistent, but works without any need for adjustment.’ – AW

‘Not a dud one among them’  MH

'Received your reeds today, they are perfect, the standard seem if not better than the student for me, I think you will have a customer for life.' – AD


Having performed as principal oboe in all of the UK's most prestigious opera, chamber and symphony orchestras, including 19 years as the principal oboe of the London Symphony Orchestra, I have unparalleled experience in producing the perfect oboe reed for any repertoire.

Here you will find my Standard and Professional oboe reeds, each painstakingly crafted to suit and support oboists at different stages of development. I also gouge and shape the highest quality cane for those making their own reeds.

My oboe reeds allow oboists to freely express themselves, to develop their playing and to enrich their sound.

Throughout my tenure in the music profession, I have remained true to my belief that a musician can't let anything get in the way of their self-expression, and their interpretation of the composer's work.